A snapshot peek into NY's Halloween spirit for 2023

A snapshot peek into NY's Halloween spirit for 2023

October 31, 2023   246

A snapshot peek into NY's Halloween spirit for 2023


Ah, Halloween in New York! The cityscape turns into a hauntingly delightful playground. Eager to uncover the best streets for trick-or-treating? Let's jump in!

The History of Trick or Treating in NY

New York, with its rich tapestry of cultures, offers a fascinating history of Halloween festivities.

From modest masquerades to vibrant parades, the Big Apple consistently brings a unique flavor to Halloween.

Popular Spots for Trick or Treating

Manhattan neighborhoods

  • West 69th Street, Manhattan: An absolute favorite for Halloween enthusiasts.

Brooklyn hotspots

  • Garden Place and Grace Court Alley, Brooklyn Heights: It's like strolling through a classic Halloween tale.
  • Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn: Historic mansions don ghastly garb for the evening.
  • Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: Colonial Road and Ridge Boulevard shine with Halloween spirit.
  • Prospect Park West, Park Slope: Traditional brownstones offer an old-world trick-or-treating feel.

Queens hotspots

  • 37th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens: Always buzzing with Halloween revelry.
  • Astoria, Queens: With streets like Ditmars Boulevard and 31st Street, Astoria warmly welcomes trick-or-treaters.
  • Forest Hills, Queens: Metropolitans and Ascan Avenues are dotted with houses ready to greet candy-seekers.

The Bronx gems

  • Country Club, Bronx: Mansions and houses in this area offer an upscale trick-or-treating experience.
  • Riverdale, Bronx: Streets like Fieldston Road and Post Road are renowned for their spirited decorations and generous candy distribution.
  • Throggs Neck, Bronx: Areas around Harding Avenue come alive with a mix of spooky and delightful decorations.

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating in NY

Stick with your group, and always prioritize safety, especially at busy intersections.

The Best Costumes Seen on NY Streets

Every year, New Yorkers pay tribute to iconic costumes. Who can resist the timeless appeal of witches, mummies, and goblins?

Trending in 2023
A nostalgic wave sweeps NY as residents sport costumes of iconic TV and movie characters from the 80s and 90s. Did you spot any familiar faces?

How NY Businesses Join in the Fun

Candy promotions
Look out for storefronts with pumpkin stickers—they're handing out goodies!

Costume contests
Local businesses often host contests to see who sports the most creative attire.

Trick or Treating Etiquette in NY

A simple rule: If the porch light's on or decorations are visible, they're game. If not, best to move along.

The Impact of Weather on NY Halloween

A drizzle might surprise you, but that only adds to the haunting ambiance, right?

Alternative Halloween Events in NY

From haunted tours to ghostly tales and eerie hayrides, NY has something for everyone.

Popular Trick or Treating Streets in NY

Can't forget East 78th Street in Manhattan, a street that echoes with laughter and shrieks every Halloween.


Experiencing Halloween in NY is unforgettable. Picking the right streets guarantees delightful surprises (and perhaps a few harmless tricks!).


  1. When does trick or treating start in NY?
    As the sun sets, usually around 6 PM.
  2. Is there an age limit?
    It's predominantly for children, but adults love to join the fun too!
  3. What time should we wrap up?
    By 9 PM, the streets start quieting down.
  4. Which NY neighborhoods are safest for trick or treating?
    Most residential areas ensure a safe environment, but it's crucial to always be vigilant.
  5. Do local NY businesses distribute candies?
    Absolutely! Especially those nestled in residential neighborhoods.



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