Best Places to Get Blood Work Done in NYC 2023

Best Places to Get Blood Work Done in NYC 2023

October 09, 2023   243

Best Places to Get Blood Work Done in NYC 2023

New York City is a bustling metropolis that offers a wide array of medical services. When it comes to getting blood work done, there are numerous reputable establishments scattered throughout the five boroughs. Whether you're seeking a quick walk-in service, a specialized lab, or a comprehensive healthcare institution, NYC has got you covered. Here's a roundup of some of the best places to get blood work done in the Big Apple in 2023:

  1. Quest Diagnostics

    • Location: Multiple locations across NYC
    • Description: As one of the most renowned lab testing chains in the US, Quest Diagnostics provides a plethora of services, including blood work, with efficient turnaround times and online result tracking.
  2. LabCorp

    • Location: Multiple locations in NYC
    • Description: Another widely recognized name in lab testing, LabCorp offers a wide range of diagnostic tests, with modern facilities and an easy-to-use online portal for results.
  3. NYU Langone Health

    • Location: 550 First Avenue, Manhattan
    • Description: As one of NYC's top medical institutions, NYU Langone offers comprehensive healthcare services, including a fully equipped diagnostic lab for blood tests.
  4. Mount Sinai Hospital

    • Location: 1468 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
    • Description: Known for its state-of-the-art facilities and medical expertise, Mount Sinai also provides excellent diagnostic services, including blood work.
  5. CityMD Urgent Care

    • Location: Multiple locations across NYC
    • Description: For those seeking prompt services without an appointment, CityMD offers walk-in blood tests among a host of other medical services.
  6. BioReference Laboratories

    • Location: Various locations in NYC
    • Description: As a full-service diagnostic lab, BioReference provides a wide array of tests with a focus on accuracy and promptness.
  7. New York Doctors Urgent Care

    • Location: 65 W 13th St, Manhattan
    • Description: Ideal for those in the Greenwich Village area, this clinic provides quick and efficient blood work services without the need for a prior appointment.
  8. ColumbiaDoctors Midtown

    • Location: 51 W 51st St Suite 300, Manhattan
    • Description: Affiliated with the renowned Columbia University, this facility offers top-tier diagnostic services, including blood tests, in a central location.
  9. Northwell Health Labs

    • Location: Multiple locations across NYC
    • Description: As part of the Northwell Health network, their labs offer reliable blood testing services with a commitment to patient care.
  10. Brooklyn Hospital Center

  • Location: 121 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Description: Serving the Brooklyn community, this center provides a comprehensive range of medical services, including dedicated labs for diagnostic tests.

Before visiting any of these facilities, it's recommended to check their operating hours, verify insurance coverage, and, if possible, schedule an appointment to ensure prompt service. Always ensure that you're opting for accredited and certified institutions to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your blood tests.



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