COVID-19 variant update NY august 2023

COVID-19 variant update NY august 2023

August 25, 2023   492

COVID-19 variant update NY august 2023

Dominant Variants

New York, just like the rest of the US, is currently experiencing the spread of new COVID-19 variants. The BA.2.86 variant is making its presence felt, as it's actively spreading across the country. However, the variant nicknamed Eris or EG.5 is now the dominant Covid variant in the United States.

Hospital Admissions

In New York, the EG.5 variant is causing a surge in hospital admissions. The variant is now linked to an increasing number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations across the state.

Vaccine Updates

Booster Against XBB Variant

Experts believe that the updated Covid-19 booster targeted against the XBB variant would closely match the variants currently in circulation.

New Vaccine Developments

As the Eris variant rises, new COVID vaccines are in development and one is expected to be available next month.


New York and the US at large are adapting to the presence of new COVID-19 variants. With EG.5 being the dominant strain, it's vital to stay updated on vaccine developments and maintain preventive measures.


  1. What is the BA.2.86 variant?
    • The BA.2.86 is a new COVID-19 variant spreading in the US.
  2. How does EG.5 differ from other variants?
    • EG.5, also known as Eris, is now the dominant variant in the US and is causing a rise in hospital admissions in New York.
  3. Is there a vaccine targeting the new variants?
    • An updated Covid-19 booster is in development targeting the XBB variant, and new vaccines are also on the horizon.
  4. How dominant is the EG.5 variant in the US?
    • As of August 2023, EG.5 is the dominant COVID-19 variant in the US.
  5. Are there any precautions to be taken for these new variants?
    • Continue practicing preventive measures, staying informed, and getting vaccinated when eligible.


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