Top 10 Pharmacies in NY

Top 10 Pharmacies in NY

August 18, 2023   308

Top 10 Pharmacies in NY

New York City, with its vibrant neighborhoods and cosmopolitan essence, boasts a multitude of pharmacies, ranging from age-old establishments to popular chains. If you're seeking the best pharmacies in NY, look no further! Here are ten outstanding pharmacies, each bringing its own unique offerings to the table.

Historical and Unique Pharmacies

CO Bigelow Pharmacy Situated on the Avenue of the Americas, CO Bigelow Pharmacy is an oasis for those who adore historic charm. Being 171 years old, it's not just any regular pharmacy. This vintage beauty destination offers a wide range of rare beauty products. Celebrities like Julia Roberts and Kate Moss have been spotted shopping here. Plus, they have an intriguing mix of western and eastern style pharmacies. Craving a pick-me-up? Try their Black Magic coffee, a blend of iced espresso and coconut water.

New London Pharmacy Located in Chelsea, this pharmacy is renowned for its professional service and attention to detail. The staff here takes pride in offering the best patient experience. With events like Fancy Fridays featuring raffles and drinks, this pharmacy stands out from the crowd.

Leading Pharmacy Chains

CVS Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy is ubiquitous in New York City. With a massive 556 locations across 262 cities, it's no wonder it's the top choice for many New Yorkers. Whether it's the Broadway branch or another, friendly staff, varied merchandise, and accessibility make it a reliable option.

Walgreens Coming in close is Walgreens with 499 locations. Walgreens promises consistent quality and availability across its many outlets in the state.

Health Mart With 275 locations, Health Mart offers a plethora of health solutions to New Yorkers. It captures a significant portion of the pharmacy market in NY.

Community Favorites and Local Businesses

Hartley Pharmacy Tucked away in West Harlem, Hartley Pharmacy is a gem. With the most remarkable pharmacist many have ever known, this pharmacy offers a personal touch that's hard to find in large chains. The staff here genuinely care for their patrons, greeting everyone by name and going above and beyond to assist.

Other Noteworthy Pharmacies

Duane Reade Pharmacy Duane Reade, with 112 locations, is a well-known name in New York's pharmacy landscape.

Rite Aid Offering a broad range of products and medicines, Rite Aid, with its 261 outlets, is a convenient option for many.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Supporting 90 locations, Good Neighbor Pharmacy brings a community feel to your pharmacy experience.

Hannaford Pharmacy Operating 52 outlets in New York, Hannaford Pharmacy is another reliable choice for many residents.


Choosing a pharmacy isn't just about getting a prescription filled. It's about trust, quality of service, and sometimes, the unique offerings and ambiance. New York offers a plethora of options, from historic establishments to reliable chains. Whatever you prioritize - be it service, location, or unique products - there's a pharmacy in NY that's perfect for you.


  1. Which pharmacy in NY is the oldest?
    • CO Bigelow Pharmacy is one of the oldest, operating for 171 years.
  2. Which are the three largest pharmacy chains in NY by the number of locations?
    • CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and Health Mart are the three largest by locations.
  3. Are there any pharmacies in NY that combine eastern and western styles?
    • Yes, CO Bigelow Pharmacy offers a mix of western and eastern style pharmacies.
  4. Which local pharmacy in NY is known for its exceptional customer service?
    • Hartley Pharmacy in West Harlem is renowned for its outstanding customer service.
  5. Do any of these pharmacies offer unique beverages or food items?
    • CO Bigelow Pharmacy offers the Black Magic coffee, a mix of iced espresso and coconut water.


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