Top Recliners for Seniors

Top Recliners for Seniors

August 18, 2023   312

Certainly! Based on the information provided, it's clear that recliners designed specifically for the elderly offer numerous advantages including increased mobility, reduced injury risk, improved blood circulation, good posture support, back pain relief, and overall comfort

Here are some of the best recliners for elderly individuals as identified from the search results:

1. Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner:

  • Category: Best Overall
  • Details: A wide recliner made of black faux leather that's easy to clean, with a high back and thick cushions for comfort.

2. Red Barrel Studio Eggen Upholstered Recliner:

  • Category: Best Bang for the Buck
  • Details: A recliner that offers value for money.

3. Three Posts Faux Leather Power Lift Massage Recliner:

  • Category: Upgrade Pick
  • Details: An upgraded option that offers massage capabilities.

4. La-Z-Boy Miller Bronze Power Lift Recliner:

  • Category: Best Modern
  • Details: A recliner designed with a modern touch.

5. Mcombo Small Sized Electric Power Lift Recliner:

  • Category: Best Small
  • Details: Ideal for those looking for a compact recliner option.

6. Ebern Designs Sanie Manual Recliner:

  • Category: Best Large
  • Details: A spacious recliner for those looking for more room.

7. Ashley Furniture Ernestine Power Lift Recliner:

  • Category: Best Fabric
  • Details: Made with comfortable fabric material.

8. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner:

  • Category: Best with Cup Holders
  • Details: A recliner with cup holders for added convenience.

When choosing a recliner for an elderly individual, the provided information highlights the importance of looking for features that ensure comfort, safety, easy control, and attractive design. Lift recliners, in particular, make it easier for elderly individuals to get in and out of the chair, and they also look for smooth-moving chairs with ergonomic design and decent weight capacity to suit most users.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Recliner for the Elderly:

1. Power Lift Mechanism: One of the key features in recliners for seniors is the power lift mechanism. It helps the user to easily stand up by lifting the chair from its base. This is especially beneficial for those with mobility issues, ensuring they can stand up safely without straining their joints.

2. Ease of Use: It's essential that the recliner's controls are user-friendly. Elderly individuals should not have to struggle with complicated controls just to adjust their chair. Features like a simple remote control are often preferred.

3. Comfort: Above all, a recliner should be comfortable. Look for chairs with adequate padding, lumbar support, and headrests. Features such as heating and massage units can add an extra layer of relaxation and therapeutic benefits, particularly for those with chronic back pain.

4. Safety: The recliner must be sturdy and stable, minimizing the risk of it tipping over when the lifting mechanism is activated. Additional safety features might include battery backup (in case of power outages) and anti-skid feet.

5. Size and Fit: Consider the size of the room where the recliner will be placed. While it's essential to have a spacious chair for comfort, it shouldn't overwhelm the room or obstruct pathways.

6. Additional Features: Modern recliners come equipped with various additional features like USB ports for charging devices, side pockets for storing books or remotes, and cup holders for added convenience.

7. Design and Material: The design of the recliner should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Choose materials that are durable and easy to clean, especially if the user might spill drinks or food. Leather and faux leather options are popular due to their sleek look and ease of cleaning, but fabric recliners can be equally durable and comfortable.

8. Weight Capacity: Ensure the recliner can comfortably and safely support the user's weight. It's always a good idea to check the chair's weight limit before purchasing.

9. Price: While investing in a high-quality recliner is beneficial in the long run, it's essential to find a chair that offers good value for money. Some recliners may be pricier due to brand name or extra features, so consider what features are most important for your needs.


In conclusion, the perfect recliner for the elderly is not just about comfort; it's also about improving their quality of life. By offering better mobility, safety, and therapeutic benefits, these chairs are much more than just a place to relax. When purchasing, always keep the user's specific needs and preferences in mind to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their recliner.


  1. Why are power lift recliners beneficial for the elderly? Power lift recliners help those with mobility issues stand up with ease, reducing the risk of falls and strains.

  2. Are there any health benefits associated with using recliners? Yes, they can improve blood circulation, reduce back pain, and provide therapeutic benefits like massage and heating.

  3. Can recliners be custom-made based on specific needs? While most brands offer a range of models with various features, some specialized stores might offer customization options.

  4. How to maintain and clean a recliner? It depends on the material. Leather and faux leather can be wiped with a damp cloth, while fabric might require vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning.

  5. Is it safe to use the heating and massage functions continuously? It's always best to refer to the user manual. Continuous use might not be recommended, and taking breaks ensures safety and prolongs the recliner's lifespan.

  6. Battery Backup and Electrical Safety: With the advancements in recliner technology, many chairs come with electronic features. It's crucial to ensure that the recliner has a reliable battery backup in case of power outages. Moreover, always ensure that the electrical components meet the safety standards to prevent potential hazards[3].

  7.  Warranty and After-Sales Service: When investing in a recliner, especially a technologically advanced one, it's essential to consider the warranty. A longer warranty often indicates trust in product quality. Also, consider brands that offer reliable after-sales service, ensuring that any potential issues can be promptly addressed.

User Experience and Feedback: Before settling on a specific recliner, it's beneficial to consider feedback from other users. This can give insight into the comfort, durability, and functionality of the chair. Additionally, it provides a more comprehensive understanding of potential challenges that might not be evident at first glance.



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