What Is Respite Care? How to find Respite Care near me

What Is Respite Care? How to find Respite Care near me

July 28, 2021   743

Respite Care, comonly known as short-term care, provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver of a sick, disabled or elderly family member either occasionally or on a regular basis. Service may last from a few hours to overnight stays or for an extended period of time. This relief from duty allows caregivers to attend work responsibilities, enjoy social events, sleep undisturbed, or travel for work or a family vacation.

Taking care of a sick, disabled, or elderly family member can be an exhausting, all-consuming responsibility. Giving yourself a break from this demand is a key component to preventing caregiver burnout, decreasing stress and anxiety, and maintaining a balanced life.

ProLife's In-Home Respite Care service is an alternative to Adult Day Care Centers or Assisted Living Facility's. This type of in-home care service affords your loved one with the comfort and familiarity of their home surrounding as well as the freedom to continue their daily routine. In-Home Care is especially beneficial during these times when their is great uncertainty sending a fragile member into potentially unhealthy environments.


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