What You Need to Do If Attacked by a Shark

What You Need to Do If Attacked by a Shark

August 08, 2023   340

What to Do If Attacked by a Shark

1. Stay Calm:
Though it's natural to panic, try to stay as calm as possible. Rapid movements can provoke further aggression.

2. Maintain Eye Contact:
If the shark circles you, try to keep eye contact. Sharks often attack from behind, so facing them can sometimes deter them.

3. Defend Yourself:
If a shark is coming towards you, try to put any available object between you and the shark. If you don't have any tools, and the shark bites, focus on its most sensitive areas. Target the eyes and gills with punches and jabs. A sharp blow to the shark's nose might also deter it, but the nose can be harder to reach than the eyes or gills.

4. Stay Vertical:
Try to maintain a vertical position in the water. Sharks often attack prey from underneath, so by staying upright, you're less likely to resemble the shark's natural prey.

5. Slowly Back Away:
If the shark loses interest, start slowly backing away towards the shore or your boat, but do not turn your back on the shark. It's crucial to keep an eye on it.

6. Get Out of the Water:
If you are near the shore or a boat, calmly and smoothly try to exit the water. Rapid splashing can attract the shark's attention again.

7. Administer First Aid:
If you've sustained any injuries, apply pressure to stop bleeding. Shark teeth can cause sharp and deep cuts, and immediate first aid can be crucial.

8. Seek Medical Attention:
Always see a medical professional after an encounter, even if the injuries seem minor. There could be a risk of infection, or some injuries might not be immediately obvious.

9. Report the Attack:
Inform local authorities about the incident. This can help them take preventive measures for the future and potentially save others from similar encounters.


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