What are the CDPAP Caregiver Requirements?

What are the CDPAP Caregiver Requirements?

February 16, 2023   527

What Are The Requirements To Become a CDPAP Caregiver?

Almost any family member, friend or associate is eligible to become a CDPAP caregiver (known as the Personal Assistant or PA for short) for which they are paid an hourly wage to provide care for a qualified family member or individual (the Consumer). Personal assistants are not eligible to be hired under CDPAP if he/she is the spouse of, is legally responsible for or the designated representative of the individual needing care. This means that any person over 18, who is not legally responsible for a individual care may become a CDPAP caregiver. In particular, this means that a parent of an adult child (21 years of age or older) may serve as that adult child’s pesonal assistant through CDPAP. Parents of children who are younger than 21 cannot be hired as that minor child’s CDPAP assistant. 


What Are Some Duties & Responsibilities of a CDPAP Caregiver?

Assist with Activities of Daily Living such as:

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • grooming
  • eating
  • transferring
  • ambulating
  • toileting

Light housekeeping duties such as:

  • sweeping & mopping
  • dusting & vaccuuming
  • dishwashing
  • laundry
  • meal planning and preparation

Skilled tasks such as:

  • check & monitor vital signs
  • setup & assist in the use of medical devices
  • administer medication(s)
  • managing injections


CDPAP Caregiver Requirements:

  • Have an eligible consumer who is willing to hire you. If you have a parent or a grandparent who needs assistance with any kind of activities, they need to hire you for you to be an eligible candidate.
  • You must be authorized to work in the U.S and of legal working age.
  • You need to complete a PA application package (supplied by the Fiscal Intermediary)
  • You must complete a pre-employment physical exam to ensure you are physically fit to assist senior citizens in their daily activities. Aside from this exam, candidates will be required to submit a negative Tuberculosis test and MMR immunization records along with completeing standard employment documents.

Did you know ProLife Home Care is part of a select group of companies chosen to continue CDPAP services in New York? Starting in 2023 certain CDPAP providers may be required to cease operations. If your current provider is one, call 718-232-2777 immediately to speak with a program specialist and continue receiving care under CDPAP! 

ProLife Home Care was selected by the New York State Dept. of Health as a Lead Fiscal Intermediary for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP). 


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