Who pays for home care services

Who pays for home care services

February 10, 2023   358

who pays for home care services?


Home Care services are long-term-care programs designed to help eligible elderly or disabled individuals remain safely at home, rather than in a nursing home. These services have different eligibility requirements and are paid for through a variety of sources.



Medicare will pay for medically-necessary home based services for beneficiaries who are unable to leave home without assistance, generally for a limited duration and most typically following a hospital stay.



Home health services are less limited under Medicaid. To be eligible you must meet income requirements. For individuals interested in applying for Medicaid, we offer eligibility consultations and enrollment assistance. For those whose income or assets may be too high to be Medicaid eligible, we furnish specialist consultations & provide assistance with obtaining Medicaid through certain exemptions.


Long-Term Care Insurance

Those who plan early may buy insurance policies that cover home-care benefits. Generally speaking, people with long-term care insurance purchase a plan in their mid-50’s or 60’s. You won’t qualify for coverage if you already have a debilitating condition and most carriers won’t approve applicants over the age of 75.


Private Pay

Insurance plans often have restrictions and limits or may not cover the services you would like, or perhaps stops paying for the services sooner than you are ready for them to end. When you pay out of pocket for home health services, you can avoid any restrictions and request services tailored to your specific needs and schedule.


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